Tales from The Lake Vol.4


The Legend Continues…

Twenty-four heart-rending tales with elements of terror, mystery, and a nightmarish darkness that knows no end.

This fourth volume of Speculative Fiction contains the following short stories:
Jennifer Loring – When the Dead Come Home
Joe R. Lansdale – The Folding Man
Kealan Patrick Burke – Go Warily After Dark
T. E. Grau – To the Hills
Damien Angelica Walters – Everything Hurts, Until it Doesn’t
Sheldon Higdon – Drowning in Sorrow
Max Booth III – Whenever You Exhale, I Inhale
Bruce Golden – The Withering
JG Faherty – Grave Secrets
Hunter Liguore – End of the Hall
David Dunwoody – Snowmen
Timothy G. Arsenault – Pieces of Me
Maria Alexander – Neighborhood Watchers
Timothy Johnson – The Story of Jessie and Me
Michael Bailey – I will be the Reflection Until the End
E.E. King – The Honeymoon’s Over
Darren Speegle – Song in a Sundress
Cynthia Ward – Weighing In
Michael Haynes – Reliving the Past
Leigh M. Lane – The Long Haul
Mark Cassell – Dust Devils
Del Howison – Liminality
Gene O’Neill – The Gardener
Jeff Cercone – Condo by the Lake

With an introduction by editor Ben Eads. Cover art by Ben Baldwin.


Welcome to my lake. Welcome to where dreams and hope are illusions…and pain is God.

In the spirit of popular Dark Fiction and Horror anthologies such as Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories and Behold: Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders, and the best of Stephen King’s short fiction, comes Crystal Lake Publishing’s Tales from The Lake anthologies.

“The Tales from the Lake series offer a truly diverse and top notch collection of horror and the strange. These are modern campfire tales you won’t soon forget, so bundle up tight and keep your loved ones near! One never knows who or what is lurking in the darkness.”– John Palisano, Bram Stoker Award-Winning author of DUST OF THE DEAD and GHOST HEART

“With any Tales From the Lake volume you’re guaranteed a great product–quality stories, smooth editing, gorgeous production values. It’s a series I’m proud to be part of, and it’s heartening to see it going from strength to strength. Long may it continue!”– Tim Lebbon, author of Relics

“Once again, Tales From the Lake has brought together a fresh collection of darkly disturbing and gratifyingly grotesque stories for the lover of horror. This 4th volume offers tales of the best and most chilling kind in that they are up close and personal, like hands around our throats, like claustrophobic cellars, like screaming faces in the night and grotesque things that savor our flesh and the hopelessness encroaching insanity. As they say, it’s all good!”–Elizabeth Massie, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Sineater, Desper Hollow, Hell Gate, and more