Dagon vs. Dagon Rising by H.P. Lovecraft and William Meikle



Classic Titles from Horror’s Darkest Depths!

“Dagon” by H.P. Lovecraft tells a disturbing story of a man who is obsessed with suicide. The man writes a few notes, related to his mental state, before he throws himself from the window of his attic. He began to recall an old story, which had happened in the years of the First World War, and suddenly finds himself a prisoner of a German ship in the Pacific Ocean. After only five days, the protagonist manages to escape with a raft. Adrift at sea, he eventually finds himself stranded on a disquieting and apparently deserted island. Immediately he notices that in the mud, a lot of rotting fish are stranded…

“Dagon Rising” by William Meikle is a series of journal entries by one Doctor James Riley, who treats a mysterious John Doe who’d been found adrift at sea. While this event sets the tone for an unnerving tale, there’s something more at work, something wholly sinister that will find its way from the darkest depths of the sea onto dry land.

Includes interior artwork by Luke Spooner. Cover art by Ben Baldwin.

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