Abode by Morgan Sylvia



This is the place where the harrowed ghosts of a dozen generations whisper in the shadows of their ancestral home, where one family’s dreams of a new beginning turned into a nightmare that ended in tragedy.


This is the place where a line of witches bound themselves—in blood—to a primeval entity. Here, nightmare and reality meet beneath frozen skies, and even time and space fall under the power of the demonic being that rules this remote northern wood.


This is the place where the path of a tormented survivor meets that of an unknowing innocent. Past and present collide, and secrets long buried crawl back into the pallid light of day as the shadow of the Beast falls over them both. But even the bloodiest dreams of that demonic being may pale in comparison to what lies buried within the human heart.

This is the place where evil dwells…



“Morgan Sylvia’s Abode is a deliciously mesmerizing haunted fantasy. Her combination of elegantly poetic prose and razor-sharp storytelling have crafted a modern classic ghost story. For a debut novel, this chilling, tragic tale will keep you turning pages and sleeping with the lights on…everything you could hope for in a supernatural spellbinder.”—Peter N. Dudar, author of A Requiem For Dead Flies, Where Spiders Fear To Spin, and The Goat Parade

“Rare is it in this era of splatter horror to find a book such as Abode, in which the horror is all too prevalent and real, but is treated oh so subtly, as in a mystery where the reader tiptoes through clues. The author tantalizes us, not bludgeons us. Abode is richly atmospheric, in the vein of Henry James’ 19th century classic “Turn of the Screw.” There are Lovecraftian overtones; there are also tragic psychological sufferings. There is evil. Above all, the reader revels in the exquisitely-tuned atmosphere.”—The Haunted Reading Room

“Wow! Just wow! Morgan Sylvia is not only a masterful storyteller, but a weaver of spells. Abode hooks you from the beginning and doesn’t let you go until the very end. The writing is atmospheric and lyrical while the story is chilling and haunting. What a wonderful debut novel!”—E.J. Fechenda, author of The New Mafia Trilogy and Ghost Stories Trilogy

“I love it when an author manages to take a classic trope most people might think has already been played out or done to death, and then blows the doors off by presenting it in an effective, clever way. Even if this was just another haunting – which it isn’t; there’s way more to it – the manner in which it’s told is riveting.”—Christine Morgan, author of White Death

“Violent and haunting, Abode by Morgan Sylvia is a good old– fashioned novel of monsters wreaking havoc.”—The Library Journal