These stories will be posted on a daily basis on our Patreon page, in the following order (starting today):
“Motel 8” by Francesca Maria
“Dying Embers” by Ken MacGregor
“Holden Motel” by Gert Hanekom
“The Showdown at Sundown” by Hal Kempka
“The Lover’s Lodge” by Toi Thomas
“Béaldubh Lough Hotel brochure” by Ken McGrath
“Have A Restful Stay” by R.L. Merrill
“Mea Culpa, Loyal Customer” by Gregg Stewart
“The Collector” by A.K. McCarthy
“The Hunted” by Richard Farren Barber
“The Roast” by Mickey Savas
“Tourist Trap” by Derek Clendening
“Crocodile Kingdom” by Alexandra Louise
“Thomisidae” by T.M. Hedeen
“The Nightman’s Last Shift” by Kyle Toucher