Auntie’s Obsession by KT Wagner
Carousel Dance by Em Starr
The Hanging Tree by Leigh Kenny
Summon the Holy Flame by Cheyanne Brabo
Summer People by Tom Deady
A Little Slice of Heaven by Craig E. Sawyer
Hollow Eve by Ken MacGregor
The Last Shift by Alyssa Waugh
The Swimming Hole by Armand Rosamilia
Just Passing Through by Stephen Howard
Jay-Bo by J. Brian Reed
A Bug in the Design by Amanda M. Blake
Delephant by Shawna Mayer
Blue Love Maria by Alexander Zelenyj
Downtown Cicada Broome by Gregg Stewart
Cookbook Stories from the Road by A.M. Symes
The Special by Cory Cone
True Love’s Kiss by Rie Sheridan Rose
Like Frogs by Mia Dalia
Watch over the Dead by Kimberly A. Bettes

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