Where the Dead Go To Die by Mark Allan Gunnells and Aaron Dries



“Where the Dead Go to Die is a chilling, post-modern reimagining in the zombie canon . . . you don’t want to come back as a Bone Eater!” – John Palisano, author of Dust of the Dead, Bram Stoker ® award-winner
“Where the Dead Go to Die is the kind of zombie tale horror fans and horror writers always hope for – something original. Aaron Dries and Mark Allan Gunnells have taken the worn-out tropes and turned them inside out.” – JG Faherty, Thriller- and Bram Stoker-nominated author of The Cure, The Burning Time,and Ghosts of Coronado Bay.
“Two authors, both with a strong talent for characters and emotion. They take a familiar lump of clay-Zombies and what theypummel and prod and pull and mold turns out to be a story that is anything but hackneyed. It is a story of survival and loss. About grieving and striving. It is honest and painful and scary. It reeks of carrion, like we all do.” – John Boden, author of JEDI SUMMER and DOMINOES.

“Just when you thought the undead had been bled dry, Dries and Gunnells have created an original, compelling novel that breathes new life into the genre once again. Highly recommended.” – Patrick Lacey, author of DREAM WOODS and SLEEP PARALYSIS


There are monsters in this world. And they used to be us. Now it’s time to euthanize to survive in a hospice where Emily, a woman haunted by her past, only wants to do her job and be the best mother possible.

Post-infection Chicago. Christmas.

Inside The Hospice, Emily and her fellow nurses do their rounds. Here, men and women live out their final days in comfort, segregated from society, and are then humanely terminated before fate turns them into marrow-craving monsters known as ‘Smilers.’ Outside these imposing walls, rabid protesters swarm with signs, caught up in the heat of their hatred.

Emily, a woman haunted by her past, only wants to do her job and be the best mother possible. But in a world where mortality means nothing, where guns are drawn in fear and nobody seems safe anymore – at what cost will this pursuit come? And through it all, the soon to be dead remain silent, ever smiling. Such is their curse.

This emotional, political novel comes from two of horror’s freshest voices, and puts a new spin on an eternal topic: the undead. In the spirit of George A Romero meets Jack Ketchum, Where the Dead Go to Die it is an unforgettable epilogue to the zombie genre, one that will leave you shaken and questioning right from wrong…even when it’s the only right left.

It won’t be long before that snow-speckled ground will be salted by blood.

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