Run to Ground by Jasper Bark



“Read this book. Read every book you can find by Jasper Bark. It takes a special author to convey such grotesque and bloody fare while keeping his finger on the pulse of the story to drive it forward with tension and the kind of atmosphere that makes you wary of the shadows your reading light is casting. Jasper Bark – a word magician of the highest order; prepare to have your mind blown…” – Cory Cline, Splatterzine

“…a story that shoves foul and grotesque in our faces from the very first scene, and then only gets worse from there. This is a truly disgusting tale, but so compelling that you cannot look away.”Bob R. Milne, Beauty in Ruins

And just when you think you have read it all, along comes horror’s very own rapscallion Jasper Bark with a novella that will have you squirming with uncomfortable glee, as you reach for the sick bucket. – Jim Mcleod, Ginger Nuts of Horror



Jim Mcleod is on the run…

…from his responsibilities as a father, hiding out from his pregnant girlfriend, and working as a groundskeeper in a rural graveyard.

He’s running from a lifetime of guilt and bad decisions, but principally he’s running from the murderous entities that have possessed the very ground at his feet.

Jim has no idea what these entities are, but they’ve done unspeakable things to everyone in the graveyard and now they’re hunting him down. There is nowhere Jim can hide, nowhere he can walk and nowhere he can run that isn’t under the lethal power of the things in the ground. If he stands any chance of survival he must uncover the link between his murderous tormentors, three mysterious graves and an ancient heresy that stretches back to the beginning of time.

Run to Ground is a tale of extreme folk horror. It opens the reader’s eyes to a terrifying new breed of gods and monsters, but be warned, within these pages you’ll find blasphemy, brutality and unbelievable depravity the likes of which you’ve never read before. Think that’s too grandiose a claim? Why not put us to the test. Go on, click the ‘Buy now’ button, we double dare you…

Run to Ground carries on the proud tradition of Jack Ketchum and Poppy Z. Brite.

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