Of Men and Monsters by Tom Deady


“In his latest novella,
OF MEN AND MONSTERS, Tom Deady first inhabits the tropes and tones of nostalgic ’80’s horror, and then transcends them. A heartfelt, perfectly executed coming-of-age story about surviving trauma and what it means to be a monster. I loved it.”—Christopher Golden, New York Times bestselling author of ARARAT and RED HANDS

OF MEN AND MONSTERS is one hell of a wild ride! Lightning pace, relatable characters and scary twists you will not see coming. Tom Deady hit this one way out of the park.”—Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of V-WARS and INK

A beautiful and brutally laid out book. It is as impossible to put down as it is to just eat a single potato chip. You must keep going until the entire thing is consumed. If you miss this book, you are depriving yourself of a future classic.Rex Hurst, author of What Hell May Come


In June of 1975, Ryan Baxter’s mom moves him and his brother, Matt, to the small seaside town of Bayport, MA to escape their abusive father. For an eleven-year-old, spending lazy days hanging out at the beach and the arcades sounds like a dream.

When he meets Leah and she agrees to be his girlfriend, Ryan is happier than he’s been in his young life. Then the “Sea Monkeys” knock-off he bought from the back of a comic book starts to grow…and grow and grow.

As Ryan and Matt struggle with their new lives and new friends, they begin to receive mysterious phone calls. As the sea monster in their house begins to get out of control, the real monster draws nearer to Bayport in the shape of their father.

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