Floaters by Garrett Boatman


“A tale of London’s scum that is visceral, shocking, and fast, Boatman’s Floaters is historical horror at its best.”—Multiple Bram Stoker Award-winning author Lee Murray

“I was delighted to score an advance copy of this novella, and loved it’s wonderfully go-for-broke approach. Victorian and Edwardian stories are often seen as polite chamber dramas, full of manners and tobacco and tweed, but Garrett Boatman proves they can be just as visceral as any other period. He doesn’t shy away from the good stuff, from the stuff you really want to see, and you come away from this one fat and happy and with a little blood on you. Get ready!”—Polly Schattel, author of The Occultists

Garrett Boatman reanimates the zombie genre with Floaters. Set against the backdrop of street life in 19thCentury London, Floaters is an impeccably researched and riveting horror adventure. Boatman paints a grim portrait of Victorian-era gang life and vividly portrays his terrifying vision of the undead.”—Curtis M. Lawson, author of Black Heart Boys’ Choir 


London 1890s. Out of the Thames’ fetid depths the undead rise to feast upon the living. While floaters seek blood, another army takes advantage of the chaos. Boiling out of their rookeries of crime, marauders swarm through London’s affluent neighborhoods looting and burning.

While the beleaguered police and the Queen’s army battle twin plagues—human and inhuman—London’s criminal youth gangs join forces to save their city. Will Tagget, leader of the Lambeth Lads, together with his enemies Bill Drummond of the Drury Lane Gang, bull-necked George Fish of the Elephant and Castle Gang, shillelagh-wielding Dirk Bogart of the New Cut Gang, Quincy Bird of City Road, along with their female counterparts—Lambeth Kate, Queen Jane, New Cut Beth, Razor Lil and Dirty Deidre—set out on an adventure the telling of which might earn a man a lifetime of free drinks. If he lives to tell it.

Will these violent youths be able to put aside their rivalries long enough to get the job done?

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