Book Haven by Mark Allan Gunnells



“Mark Allan Gunnells is one of our best short story writers, and this book continues that tradition.  I loved reading this collection!”John R. Little, author of Miranda, The Memory Tree, and The Murder of Jesus Christ

“Gather round, readers. Crack open BOOK HAVEN and watch genres bend to breaking point. Feel your skin crawl. Gladly wonder, awe-struck, as Gunnells stretches his legs, and draws you deeper and deeper into his web. This cabinet of curiosities evokes Lansdale, King, and Bradbury in how it charms as much as it unnerves. From its titular story to its mischievous and almost naughty-naughty finish, you’ll find yourself gladly led to the slaughter. And that’s Gunnells great talent, really. He makes lambs of us all.”Aaron Dries, author of House of Sighs



An eclectic mix of tales to entertain and engage the imagination!

Come peruse the dusty shelves of BOOK HAVEN. Scan the titles, study the strange trinkets that are lined up on display. Maybe pull aside the cobwebs and run your fingers alone the spines of the books, caress the artifacts. You will find many forgotten treasures and un-mined gems among the debris.

From the author of Flowers in a Dumpster comes a new collection of short stories to terrify you, to move you, to make you think. In the spirit of High Cotton by Joe Lansdale, Trigger Warnings by Neil Gaiman, and Skeleton Crew by Stephen King, this short story collection offers an eclectic mix of Horror, Scifi, Fantasy, and drama.

Some of what you find will be dark and suspenseful, some beautiful and haunting, but all of it is yours for the taking. We’re so glad you found your way here and welcome you inside BOOK HAVEN.

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