The Joy of Killing series is a trilogy of dark humor novels that follows the bloody journey of Sarah Killian, a strong female…serial killer for hire (book 1 in the series is free!).

Sarah Killian is not your average young American woman. For one thing, flowers and chocolates are not the way to win her heart. For another, she’s a Professional Serial Killer (P.S.K.).

Sarah works for a clandestine organization known as the Trusted Hierarchy of Everyday Murderers (T.H.E.M.) that sends her undercover on secret missions across the country to kill people for hire. But don’t confuse her with an assassin – she hates assassins. It’s the perfect job for a sociopathic antisocial young woman.

But Sarah’s seemingly perfect arrangement gets a major machete thrown into the gears when her boss, Zeke, hoists upon her a P.S.K.-in-training, Bethany. Bethany is everything that Sarah is not – outgoing, chatty, and perky.

To disrupt Sarah’s happy existence even further, a dark shadow from T.H.E.M.’s past emerges and is hell-bent on bringing T.H.E.M.—and Sarah, if need be—down.

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