Here are the top 10 finalists for the Crystal Lake Poetry Contest in alphabetical order (the winner and order of the top 10 will be announced later this week):
“Cherry Blossoms (On Mourning a Distant Mother)” by E.F. Schraeder
“dead above” by Jezzy Wolfe
“Esperance” by Amanda Hard
“Feathertide” by Alyson Faye
“how I fell into a body I’m trying to love” by Martins Deep
“Night of Fevers” by John Claude Smith
“On Death Considered and Lonely Arbiter” by Daron Kappauff
“The Blackest Black, the Darkest Dark” by Jon P. Shank
“The Body and Mind Archives” by Avra Margariti
“The Great Blue Stomach That Circles The Sun” by Jamal Hodge

Congratulations! We will also send out rejection letters soon. Voting by our judges was done blind to make it as fair as possible.