Before we dive into your backstory, tell us a bit about your upcoming release.

Jason Parent: Eight Cylinders is fast-paced, in-your-face horror that blends elements of blockbuster action with Lovecraftian horror. It’s the story of one man’s escape from the frying pan only to land in the proverbial fire. The tough-as-nails protagonist, together with his trustee steed, a Dodge Hellcat, must race his way through a hellish landscape in an attempt to save not only his own life but those of a ragtag group of misfits who have fallen under his wing.

Unlike many authors who pull ideas from their dreams, I don’t generally find my sleeping hours all that productive. This novella is a rare exception, a story pulled right out of a nightmare.

Tell us a bit (or a lot) more about your childhood. Primary school, high school, etc. How do you think your experiences benefited or influenced your career?

Jason: I grew up in a somewhat larger family with two older brothers and a younger sister. And we were always beating each other up, so I guess it toughened me up enough that I had to start looking for my scares elsewhere. I found some time to read between hospital visits.

Can you recall a moment where you had to choose between being an author/artist and another career? A decisive moment where you decided to go all out?

Jason: I have been fortunate, or unfortunate, in that I haven’t been forced to choose between my day job and my night job. If I lost my day job, it would be scary, of course, but it would push me in the direction of doing more of what I love.

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