Whispers from Beyond: A Showcase of Dark Poetry


Delve into the macabre depths with this dark poetry collection, where each verse weaves a tapestry of terror and introspection.

Featuring K. D. Bowers, Pixie Bruner, Kathryn Burkett, Chris P. Clay, Tom Deady, Faith Dincolo, AJ Franks, Tom Guldin, Kareem Hayes, Jem Kras, KB Nelson, Amabilis O’Hara, Michael H. Payne, Brian Richards, Rhea Rose, Melissa Stauffer, Roger Terry, KT Wagner, Dianthe West, and Rae Young.

Including course instructors Angela Yuriko Smith, Colleen Anderson, Maxwell I. Gold, Jamal Hodge, and Naching T. Kassa.

This horror poetry anthology is a celebration of the dark and the macabre, a tribute to the power of poetry to evoke the deepest fears and fascinations. Each poem is a unique exploration of the shadows that linger in the human heart, making this collection a must-read for horror and dark literature fans.

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