Oblivion in Flux by Maxwell I. Gold


Oblivion in Flux is a vivid, lyrical, grotesque delight for cosmic horror readers.
— Lucy A. Snyder, author of Exposed Nerves

“Maxwell Ian Gold is a truly distinctive voice in contemporary weird fiction. Oblivion in Flux shows his mastery of one of the most difficult of literary forms—the prose poem. Gold paints a chilling portrait of paltry humans at the mercy of gods of our own making—the gods of cyberspace. A vibrant imagination, a striking use of metaphor and symbol, and a sure grasp of form and nuance—all these elements make this book a memorable venture into cosmic terror.”—S. T. Joshi

With Oblivion in Flux, Maxwell Ian Gold’s debut collection of prose poetry creations, the author beckons you into his universe of imagination. Using wild images, meter, and words in his idiosyncratic way Gold breaks down what you recognize and know and builds it back for you infused with… new meanings- as our cherished poets and storytellers are known to do.”—Daniel Braum author of Underworld Dreams

Maxwell Ian Gold is one of the latest bright rising stars to illuminate the poetry landscape. With lush language and cutting syntax, Oblivion in Flux dares to break fresh territory. Poetry that takes a step beyond to capture the cyber gods between inky lines. I look forward to seeing what he does next.“—Angela Yuriko Smith, publisher Space and Time, award winning speculative author and poet

“Maxwell Ian Gold’s work marries the hot-house decadence of Clark Ashton Smith with the visionary queer sensibility of Jean Genet and David Wojanrowicz. These word-drunk pieces simmer with a fever-dream intensity.”—Craig Laurance Gidney, author of A Spectral Hue.


Enter a world of desolate imagination, rhizomatic beauty, and ruined cities.

Oblivion in Flux, the debut prose poetry collection of
Maxwell I. Gold, takes the reader on a trip along demented railways and past rhizomatic tubular dreamscapes, to find themselves transported to plastic cities where the Cyber Gods sit on thrones of ivory and bone.

With over 50 poems in this volume, you’ll discover artifacts and forgotten places, ruins and dark secrets. Oblivion in Flux intertwines prosaic story-telling and poetic visions, to tell the narrative of the Cyber Gods and those who have met them.

The book will feature original poems and reprints as well as a brand-new collaborative prose poem written by the author and Bram Stoker Award winner and SFPA Grandmaster, Linda D. Addison.