Where You Live by Gary McMahon



Horror is everywhere…

…in the shadows and in the light. It takes on every shape, comes in every conceivable size. But most of all it’s right where you live. With the Where You Live short story collection, Gary McMahon delves into the depths of dark and brooding horror in every day events, objects, and the ghost of human nature.

“Gary McMahon is a spellbinding storyteller.” – Graham Joyce

“Gary McMahon’s horror is heartfelt, his characters flawed and desperate…” – Tim Lebbon

“Gary McMahon is one of the finest of a new breed of horror writers.” – Steve Rasnic Tem


Horror is everywhere…

It’s waiting behind a closed door, sitting in an ordinary chair, or following you on a country walk. Perhaps it’s washed up on a tranquil beach, hanging at a local skate park, recorded on an MP3 player hard drive, or even embedded somewhere deep within the design of something as simple and innocuous as a supermarket barcode.

Just Another Horror Story
The Row
When One Door Closes
The Chair
Truth Hurts
Sounds Weird
The Table
The Sheep
Small Things
It Knows Where You Live
Trog Boy Ran
I Live in the Gut
It Won’t Be Long Now
You Haven’t Seen Me
The Grotto
Hungry Love
Alice, Hanging Out in the Skate Park

Horror is everywhere…

But most of all it’s right where you live.

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