Still Water Bay S1 E3: Death in the Family



Something stirs the waters of Still Water Bay…

From the Bram Stoker Award® winning Crystal Lake Publishing comes Still Water Bay, a shared-world Dark Fiction series.

Asadi’s world has ended with the murder of his wife, Taqiya. Yet, even as he buries her, a new tragedy occurs in the small town of Still Water. It seems the Sheriff has returned and a member of the Guild has fallen at his hand.
As the Guild reels from the blow, Asadi meets a strange being who will challenge the way he sees them. Is the creature telling lies? Or will Asadi learn the Guild is not all it seems? Find out in Episode Three: A Death in the Family.

Still Water Bay is a Dark Fiction/Horror series filled with monsters, demons, and the worst examples of humans you’ll ever come across. With diverse characters, several highly talented staff writers and artists, and plots shrouded in suspense, mystery, and secrets, you won’t want to miss a single episode.