Crimson Springs by John Quick



Tim’s reluctant move to the sleepy town of Crimson Springs quickly spirals into a nightmare as he uncovers its terrifying cosmic secret, thrusting him into a fight against an unimaginable horror.

In Crimson Springs, a seemingly idyllic small town hides a darkness that defies the laws of nature and reality. Tim, uprooted from city life, finds himself in a place where the normal rules don’t apply. As bizarre events unfold, he, along with a group of fellow misfits, must unravel the town’s ghostly mysteries. Their discovery of an ancient, cosmic horror threatens their very existence, and battling it becomes their only chance of survival. Will they be able to stop the encroaching darkness before it engulfs everything?

Crimson Springs is a chilling journey through the unknown, a tale that weaves together the innocence of coming-of-age with the terror of a supernatural thriller. It’s a story where the quaintness of a small town meets the boundless terror of cosmic horror.

Dare to uncover the truth behind Crimson Springs.


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