Frozen Shadows

About the Book

Hitch a ride with the master of setting as he blends and bends genres with science-rich, thought-provoking short stories. “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

“A maestro of the field, Gene O’Neill’s stories are consistently well-executed. He writes with authority, depth, and loads of worldly and writerly experience, and delivers fascinating stuff.” – Darren Speegle

Along the way you will travel to the top of Mt. George, up and down Napa Valley, through Sacramento, and into the heart of the Bay Area, to the ‘Loin in San Francisco, Hotel Reo, Chapel of the Chimes, the back streets of Oakland, and other familiar dark places. The stories explore quantum entanglement, Visual Migraine Events, electro-shock treatment, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, and Tourette’s syndrome experimentally treated with Temporary Deep Brain Stimulation. And as you read you may start to notice all these stories are connected in a way.


  • “Frozen Shadows” – Coming of age autobiographical
  • “The Algernon Effect” – A transgressive love story
  • “Transformations at the Inn of the Golden Pheasant” – A damaged vet describes a bizarre transformation
  • “On the Right Side of the Road” – An ex-con suffering from Visual Migraine Effects may just save the world
  • “Black Tar/Red Alien” – A heroin addict’s confrontation with a horrific alien
  • “Broken Lady” – An aging singer pays a terrible price for defending herself during a rape
  • “The Shaking Man” – An ex-con receives an experimental treatment for his Tourette’s Syndrome with unexpected results
  • “3-Dot People” – An amnesiac man drops literally into the Tenderloin of San Francisco
  • “A Faint Scent of Musky Lime” – A fan of the writer Tom Really finds himself experiencing one of Reamy’s horrific stories
  • “At the Lazy K” – A historic epic of a ghost plaguing a rehab clinic on an old ranch

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