Hello, fellow dark scribes of the Shadows & Ink community! Today, we’re venturing into the realms of productivity and motivation, exploring how setting deadlines, working with a team, and having regular accountability check-ins can transform your writing process, especially when tackling a project as daunting as your first horror novella.

The Magic of Deadlines

Deadlines are like the ancient spells of old—binding and powerful. They compel us to focus, pushing our creative boundaries and turning the intangible into tangible. Setting a deadline for your writing project does more than just mark a date on the calendar, though. It serves as a beacon, guiding your progress through the murky waters of procrastination and writer’s block.

Why Deadlines Work:

  • They give you a clear goal to aim for.
  • The ticking clock can be a powerful motivator to keep pushing forward.
  • They force you to organize your time and tasks effectively.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Writing is often viewed as a solitary endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. Working with a team brings a wealth of benefits. From brainstorming sessions that conjure new ideas to moral support that banishes the demons of doubt, having a team by your side can make the journey less daunting and more doable.

Benefits of Teamwork:

  • Constructive criticism can help refine your story, making it sharper and more engaging.
  • A team provides emotional and motivational support, keeping the spirits high.
  • Each team member brings unique skills to the table, from plotting expertise to grammatical prowess.

The Role of Accountability

Accountability check-ins act as milestones along your writing path. They’re moments to reflect, assess, and adjust your course as needed. Whether it’s a weekly meeting with a writing partner or a progress update in a writing group, these check-ins provide a moment of pause to celebrate wins, address challenges, and recommit to your goals.

How Accountability Helps:

  • Regular check-ins ensure your project is moving forward.
  • Sharing your progress (and struggles) can lead to helpful insights and solutions.
  • Making a public commitment to your goals can significantly increase your chances of achieving them.
  • It gets you writing on those days that you just don’t feel up to it.

Introducing the 2024 Author’s Journey Workshop

Now, imagine harnessing the power of deadlines, teamwork, and accountability all in one place. That’s exactly what I’m offering in the upcoming Author’s Journey Workshop. This will be our third workshop (short fiction in 2022, poetry in 2023), and it just keeps getting better. Over eight weeks in June and July of this year, you’ll embark on a thrilling expedition to craft your very own horror novella, guided by none other than myself and a coven of professional editors.

What You Can Expect:

  • We’ll set clear milestones to keep your writing on pace.
  • Work alongside fellow authors who share your passion for horror.
  • Receive personalized feedback and tips from our team of seasoned editors.
  • Weekly check-ins will ensure you’re making progress and overcoming any hurdles.
  • A one-on-one online meeting with me to strengthen not only your story, but its marketability.
  • Online Group meetings and readings.

This workshop is more than just a writing course. It’s a chance to bring your most haunting tales to life, with the support and expertise of a dedicated team. Whether you’re a novice looking to pen your first horror novella or an experienced author seeking to refine your craft and looking for a push, this workshop is the crucible where your ideas will be forged into the chilling tales that readers crave.

You can book your spot right here for only $150. After the first 50 bookings, the price will go up to $200.

Until next time,
Joe Mynhardt

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