Here are the 19 finalists, and the order in which the stories will be posted on our Patreon page (to all our patrons, starting at only $1 a month):

“Your First Jack O’ Lantern” by A.M. Symes
“The Pledge” by Hannah Brown
“Sharing is Caring” by Larry Hinkle
“The Burbling Bed” by Jonathan Garrett
“Witchfyndre” by Kyle Toucher
“The Eneh Wallo” by Michael Lawrence
“Carvings” by Andrew Martin Robinson
“Scary Mask” by Craig E. Sawyer
“That Halloween Smile” by Tom Deady
“When the Abyss Stares Back” by Trish Wilson
“Halloween Apocalypse Style” by Karen van Vuuren
“Best Interests” by Anthony D Redden
“McAndrew’s Hobby by Steve Beresford
“The Contract” by Jay Bechtol
“Sacrifice” by Francesca Maria
“Hell is an Animatronic Pizza Place” by Sheri White
“Read Me If You Forget” by Gregg Stewart
“There’s Something About Mary Macabre” by P.J. Carambia
“Head Games” by Alex Ebenstein

Thanks to everyone else who entered. These stories will be posted throughout the month, and patrons will vote for a winner once all the stories have been posted.