Here are the finalists in this month’s Nature/Unexplained flash contest, and the order in which the stories will be posted, starting tomorrow (April 7th):

“The Big Gulp” by Craig E. Sawyer
“Note to Sanderson” by Kyle Toucher
“Johns” by Ali Seay
“Everything Just Is” by Jay Seate
“Blight” by Thomas LeBeau
“All Flesh Is Grass” by Michael Burke
“Reapers of The Harvest” by Guy Medley
“Ash” by Jay Bechtol
“The Beachcomber” by Charlie Maliha
“Leftovers for Dinner” by Karen van Vuuren
“The Truth from The Rumor Mill” by Armand Rosamilia
“Freshwater” by Alexandra Louise
“Encounter in Boulia Shire” by Stephen Crowley
“Salt” by Tom Deady
“The Bog” by Gregg Stewart
“Misty Morning” by E.E. King
“Bend in the River” by Sean Ferrier Watson
“Adrift” by Wofford Lee Jones

Congrats to these authors, and super thanks to everyone who entered.