1st: “Cherry Blossoms (On Mourning a Distant Mother)” by E.F. Schraeder
2nd: “The Blackest Black, the Darkest Dark” by Jon P. Shank
3rd: “Night of Fevers” by John Claude Smith
4th: “how I fell into a body I’m trying to love” by Martins Deep
5th: “On Death Considered and Lonely Arbiter” by Daron Kappauff
6th: “The Body and Mind Archives” by Avra Margariti
7th: “The Great Blue Stomach That Circles The Sun” by Jamal Hodge
8th: “Esperance” by Amanda Hard
9th: “Feathertide” by Alyson Faye
10th: “dead above” by Jezzy Wolfe