Here are Keely MaHaffey’s finalists for the Halloween theme, and the order in which the stories will be posted on our Patreon page, starting tomorrow, November 6th:
Nightmare Realm by Leigh Kenny
Sick by A.L. Simpkins
Swallowed by Amanda M. Blake
Hammered Halloween by Jonathan Gensler
Last Seen by A.K. McCarthy
Bad Egg by Karen Bayly
The Ritual by Stephen Howard
Our Town by Matthew Mercier
Abbadon’s Hope by Ian Gielen
Ultimatum by Kyle Toucher
The Fear of Missing Out by Dylan Wells
The Legend of Abel Scarey by A.M. Symes
Midnight Snack by Roberto Miguel A. Gaspar
Meat Cute by Melissa Oney
This Year’s Lantern by Chris Phelon

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