Here are the Christmas Shallow Waters finalists, and the order in which the stories will be posted, starting tomorrow (Tuesday), on our Patreon page:
-“Santapocalypse” by Ken MacGregor
-“When a Tree Falls” by Jeff Alderman
-“Take Me Home for Christmas” by Kristi Petersen Schoonover
-“If the Elf Moves, Kill It” by Matt Bliss
-“Charlie-in-the-Box” by Vivian Kasley
-“Old Christmas Eve” by Robyn Fraser
-“A Very Weird Christmas” by Madison McSweeney
-“See What a Scourge” by A.R. Martinez
-“Oh, the Weather Outside” by Gail Sosinsky
-“Snow Job” by Trish Wilson
-“Christmas at 19b” by Karen Bayly
-“Christmas Wish” by Nat Whiston
-“Mrs. Claus” by Francesca Maria
-“Match, Wish, Girl” by Stephanie Parent
-“Thirteen Fun Facts for Your Office Holiday Party” by C. C. Dockins

Congrats to those who made the cut, and thank you to everyone else who entered. The next challenge will be posted soon, for stories to be posted in January. Please take note that although only $5-a-month patrons have access to our challenges, this month’s Xmas challenge will be open to all tiers. Just our gift to all our amazing patrons.