It’s time to unveil our next big project (probably Crystal Lake’s biggest in some time), launching January 10th.

This one’s for all the Horror, Thriller, Mystery, Weird, Suspense, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Speculative, Dark & Supernatural Fiction authors out there. We call it Shadows & Ink: Mastering the Art of Horror Writing and Publishing. Presented by Crystal Lake and passionately spearheaded by Joe Mynhardt

Here’s our fancy pitch (more info if you click the link):

Come unearth the mysteries of horror and dark fiction writing with Shadows & Ink, a community tailored for authors like you. Hosted on the innovative Heartbeat platform, we’re crafting a space where creativity thrives, collaboration is celebrated, and every voice echoes in the haunting corridors of storytelling. Whether you’re an emerging writer or a seasoned scribe, Shadows & Ink promises a journey through the enigmatic realms of the written word, offering resources, connections, and insights like never before.

Eager to be part of this literary renaissance? Subscribe now and secure your spot on our waiting list. A select few will have the unique opportunity to be part of our beta team, shaping the very heart of our Heartbeat community. For the rest, mark your calendars for January 10th, when the shadows unveil their secrets.

Don’t miss out. Become a part of Shadows & Ink and let your stories come alive.