The Science Fictionary by Robert W. Bly

Now, get your sci-fi “fix” here!

Mainstream writers have readers; science fiction writers have rabid fans. The Science Fictionary is the ultimate reference guide to science fiction terminology: a clear and lively dictionary of science fiction words—from bionics and black holes, to warp factors and worm holes.

The Science Fictionary taps into America’s love affair with science fiction and the fantastic. It appeals to the legions of science fiction fans who watch the TV shows, go to the movies, buy the books, attend the conventions, and read the science fiction magazines in print and online.

When it comes to words from SF, fantasy, and horror, The Science Fictionary covers the waterfront—from the Atkins Project and the Algernon-Gordon Effect…to molecular disintegrators and Mothman…to the Upside Down Man and Zardoz.

Hundreds of fun and fascinating science fiction ideas and concepts are explained in plain English, accompanied by over 50 original illustrations. No prior knowledge of science fiction or science is required. Anyone can understand and enjoy the definitions.

Each entry gives the term, its meaning, and where appropriate, its origin—including the author who invented the notion—and the book, story, or movie in which it appeared.

Some definitions are brief—just 50 to 100 words or so. Key concepts and more important terms can run half a page or longer. They are mini-essays—fun and fascinating to read. They enable you to visit new SF visions as well as enjoy a nostalgic return to old favorites.