The Conservator’s Collection: Derelict (Limited Edition)


Eternal. Timeless. The Keeper of Darkness…

Nestled deep within shadowed alcoves lie books bound in human skin. Pages drenched in crimson recount tales once believed to be mere myths, now unveiled by The Conservator.

For countless years, he has journeyed through forgotten realms, safeguarding and cherishing tales of terror lost to time. Now, he presents a trio of the most chilling legends plucked from the abyss.

The journey into the macabre begins with John Durgin’s “Blank Space,” a harrowing tale that introduces us to Helen Crowe, a presence that lingers long after the last word.

Venture further, and you’ll encounter Jay Bower’s “Eyebiters Revenge.” A tale of friends who sought to commune with the spirits in a forsaken school, only to stumble upon a malevolence far more terrifying.

Concluding this dark odyssey is John Lynch’s “Expiration of Sentence.” Within the cold, echoing walls of a prison, an unspeakable evil lurks, ensuring no soul finds solace.

In this limited edition hardcover, The Conservator curates a trilogy of terror, beckoning you to step closer. Dare you answer his call?

Only 300 available.


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