A Reviewer’s Guide to Writing Book Reviews by Rick Hipson (July 26th)

Dive into the world of book reviewing with this essential guide, perfect for anyone passionate about sharing their literary discoveries.

Whether your aim is to monetize your reviews, contribute to prestigious publications, or simply enhance your support for beloved authors, this guidebook, infused with Hipson’s expert knowledge, is an invaluable resource. This guidebook is packed with practical advice, real-world examples, and actionable tips designed to elevate your review writing skills to a professional level.

Get ready to master the art of impactful book reviewing!




“Richard Hipson is a thorough researcher who invests time in the interviews he conducts, and his work is all the better for it.”Philip Nutman, Author of Wet Work and City of Nights, Co-screenwriter of Jack Ketchums’ THE GIRL NEXT DOOR

“Rich Hipson must be some kind of freakin’ alien. He probed me in ways I never dreamed possible. When he was done, he knew more about me than I knew about myself. No one had ever been that thorough with me. Hell, I felt like having a cigarette and paying him $50 for what he did to me.”Steve Wedel, Author of The Werewolf Saga, Seven Days in Benevolence, Mother

“Richard is a great guy. I like him a lot. He is one of the few cat’s I’ve met that have stuck in my mind. I mean he does email me quite often, but still he is one of the few journalists I feel I have connected with. I dig his passion and drive for his work and was quite impressed with the review/article he put together for THE LOST. I like people who work hard and take what they do seriously. If they happen to be a sensitive human being on top of that then that is a bonus and I want them as a friend and this is how I feel about Richard. Rock N Roll!!!”Marc Senter, Star of THE LOST (Ray Pye), I KNOW WHO KILLED ME (student)

“I wanted to say something like, Hipson’s hip to what I do but that was too cute and then I thought, Hipson really knows his shit or, er…my shit but that was too much shit so I guess I’ll just say you really oughta read this stuff.  It’s good.  Good shit.”Jack Ketchum, Bram Stoker Award winning author of The Box, Off Season, The Lost

“Richard Hipson conducts insightful and in depth interviews with authors, filmmakers and actors for Fear Zone (www.fearzone.com).  He asks probing questions and his subjects clearly appreciate the amount of interest he shows in their work.  He takes his research seriously, and I know that creators respond when their interrogators have actually read their books and viewed their movies.”Greg Lamberson, Writer/Director of SLIME CITY, DRY BONES, and author of Johnny Gruesome, Frenzy Way