Remember when Crystal Lake evolved from a small press into an entertainment company? Here’s the next phase:

Born out of the collaborative vision of House of Stitched Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Lisa Vasquez and Crystal Lake Entertainment, we are proud to introduce Memento Mori Ink Magazine. As we bring this new chapter out of the depths of darkness, exposing it to the light, we aim to explore the works of artists from every medium.

Allow us to peel back the fleshy layers of real-life, behind-the-scenes stories revealing the heart of their journey, their struggles, all the good, and *bad* advice, as well as their personal war stories forging the path to where they are now.

Every page is a raw canvas, and every word a gruesome brushstroke.

We’re focused on an August release and our team is already working full speed. This will be a physical as well as a digital magazine.