Can you survive the mountain?

Abominable Peak is the gnarliest hill in the Rocky Mountains. Only hardcore boarders and skiers ride there. No groomed trail posers allowed. Skill, moxie, and money rule.

Not this season.

Former pro snowboarder Charles ‘Chance’ Hance is running from a drug addiction triggered by an injury, struggling with no longer being a pro, and chasing the ghost of his grandfather who died on the peak under suspicious circumstances. Riding is an addiction, and pain killers aren’t the only things that made him a junkie.

What was supposed to be a fun week with his old crew turns tragic when Chance is caught in an avalanche and barely escapes nature’s fury…and something more.

An ancient horror prowls the peak.

Chance’s obsessions shift as he hunts the yeti-like creatures, and is forced to fight for his life.

Terror Peak is a beautifully written adventure-slash-horror novel with a main character readers will care about from start to finish, a great read for those who love their fiction with a pulse that pounds!”—Michael Laimo, author of Deep in the Darkness and Dead Souls

“Terror Peak gives us extreme sports, extreme weather, extreme geography, and an extreme monster. Toss in Chance, a genuinely extreme character whose name is not without symbolism, and you’ve got a book you can judge by the cover: Terror Peak is a terrific horror thriller.”—Mort Castle, three-time Bram Stoker Award® winner, and his most recent book is the fiction collection Knowing When to Die, from Independent Legions Publishing.

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