Unleash the transformative power of horror with PsychoActive: Transformative Horror Novellas, a chilling anthology that delves into the darkest recesses of the human psyche.

“Love is a Monstrous Death” by Ryan C. Thomas & Anthony Trevino: The residents of Sunshine Spires, a dilapidated apartment building, are thrust into a nightmarish Valentine’s Day party where survival means confronting sexually-charged parasites, mutated neighbors, and a relentless middle-manager.

“The Secret Eater” by Cody Goodfellow: An Alaskan farming family discovers an addictive substance that triggers a catastrophic metamorphosis in their town, unleashing unspeakable dreams and bodily transformations.

“Black Rings” by Ed Kurtz follows an aspiring musician’s quest to find her missing sister in a Connecticut red-light district, only to stumble upon a cryptic conspiracy lurking beneath the surface of a strip club and an hourly motel.

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