Are there any barriers between fiction and reality?

Linda is beginning to wonder. Once again she puts her comics career on hold to join Richard and Agent McPherson in the hunt for R. L. Carver’s lost masterpiece Tales That Draw You In. Rumored to be cursed, this legendary graphic novel put everyone who tried to publish it out of business. But Tales That Draw You In might unlock more than just their case. It could be the key to the secret history of the United States.

As they move from an Ashram on the West Coast to the hallowed halls of Harvard, Linda, Richard and McPherson begin to piece together the dark secrets of Harvard’s hidden history and the even darker secrets of the nation’s founding fathers. They uncover the existence of a sinister cabal known as the Shadows in the Cave whose deep state machinations threaten the lives of everyone on the planet.

Described as ‘Kavalier and Clay meets Clive Barker’, Draw You In Vol.1 – Collector’s Item is the first in a mind-bending trilogy of novels. It contains stories within stories that explore horror in all its subgenres, from quiet to psychological horror, from hardcore to cosmic horror.

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