Can you disappear so completely only one person remembers you existed?

That’s what comics creator Linda Corrigan asks when Paul, her editor, disappears without a trace. No one remembers him, not even his mom. Only Linda recalls him and she can’t let go of his memory. She has to find out what happened.

FBI Agent McPherson is working a similar cold case. Tracking a missing person only he can recollect. When he learns of the police report Linda files, McPherson recruits her. Because both disappearances are linked to the same bygone horror comic artist: R. L. Carver.

Joined by comics historian and conspiracy theorist, Richard Ford, Linda and McPherson uncover not only R. L. Carver’s forgotten genius but the secret history of horror comics from the 1950s to the present day. They learn of the misfits, the madcaps, and the macabre masters who forged an industry, frightened a generation, and felt the heat of the Federal Government.

But the secret history of horror comics threatens to unlock the shadow history of the United States. Soon all three are tumbling down a rabbit hole of conspiracy and consequence that leads to a dark and dangerous destination.

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