Nothing stays buried under the Christmas tree this year!

Not with 18 scary tales of flash fiction filled with yuletide goodness.

Shallow Waters is an official monthly flash fiction contest hosted by Crystal Lake Publishing, with different themes each month. The best submissions every month are then posted on Crystal Lake’s Patreon page (a behind the scenes community of readers and authors), where patrons read daily entries and vote for the winner (you don’t have to be a patron to enter). Come find Crystal Lake Publishing on Patreon to vote in future contests (or gain access to our Still Water Bay series and so much more). Be sure to check out the Shallow Waters series page here on Amazon, where you’ll find volume 1 for free.

This Christmas Horror flash fiction anthology includes:

Introduction by Joe Mynhardt
“Julaften Heks” by Anthony D Redden
“Welcome to the Party, Pal” by William Meikle
“Santapocalypse” by Ken MacGregor
“Red Christmas” by Taylor Grant
“Mrs. Claus” by Francesca Maria
“Thirteen Fun Facts for Your Office Holiday Party” by C. C. Dockins
“Charlie-in-the-Box” by Vivian Kasley
“A Very Weird Christmas” by Madison McSweeney
“Snow Job” by Trish Wilson
“Pretty Lights” by Theresa Derwin
“Match, Wish, Girl” by Stephanie Parent
“If the Elf Moves, Kill It” by Matt Bliss
“Christmas at 19b” by Karen Bayly
“The Naughty List” by Tom Deady
“Ho, Ho, Help Me!” by Kenneth W. Cain
“Reindeer Game” by Jonathan Hyde
“Blue Christmas” by Michael Aaron Harrington
“Christlessmas” by Joseph VanBuren

This anthology is perfect for fans of Christmas Horror books, Holiday Horror, flash fiction, scary stories, classic horror tropes, horror books, mystery thrillers, horror anthologies, and mystery and suspense flash fiction stories. With a bit of dark humor and elves sprinkled over the top.

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