Out now from Joe R. Lansdale and artist Ted DiLucia, an 11×8.5 horror art book. Hardcover only.

In the haunting stillness of the moonlit woods, Ellen’s fight for freedom becomes a chilling struggle for survival against the bloodthirsty whims of Moon Face—a nightmare that illustrator Ted DiLucia brings to visceral life, marrying Joe R. Lansdale’s raw prose with a stark, cinematic vision.

The Story:

Ellen, barely escaping the iron fist of an abusive husband, is finally on the road to a newly found freedom… though she thought. After getting into a terrible car accident, stranded helplessly in the middle of nowhere, Ellen becomes prey to Moon Face, a frontier freak whose sadistic drive is fueled by bloodlust and the light of the moon.

Running deeper into the forest, Ellen finds herself in an evergreen hell where she must quickly adapt, do the unexpected, take advantage of her surroundings, and utilize what is at hand in order to insure her survival. With MacGyver ingenuity, Ellen constructs a series of traps to combat old Moon Face, or, at the very least, to slow him down.

It is when Ellen finds herself at the mercy of Moon Face’s cabin does the true horror of never escaping this nightmare really takes a turn for the worse. Will Ellen fight to stay alive, safe and untouched? Or will she succumb to this lunatic who will make her see the light of the moon clearly through her eyes?

The Art:

From the visionary mind of artist Ted DiLucia, comes this new imaginative depiction of Joe R. Lansdale’s backwoods tale Incident On and Off a Mountain Road. DiLucia’s illustrations are authentically fashioned to Lansdale’s enigmatic, rawhide prose. They are cinematically and technically crafted, unconventionally collaged and composed, heightened by an eerie subtlety that lurks deep within this dangerous world.

DiLucia has taken into consideration each detail given by Lansdale and those suggested and live between the lines. The time in which Incident was first written gives credibility to its characters, and its 1991 setting. His unique illustration style, plus his use of photographic collage, mixes fantasy and reality, grounds the horror, riding shotgun next to Lansdale’s wild ride.  

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