Have you ever had a dream where you thought you were going to die? Gillian Hardie does. Every night. And tonight, her worst nightmare may finally kill her.

Somnium Corporation’s dream advertising technology has a glitch – one that altered the neurons in the brains of thousands, causing their bodies to react to nightmares as if they were real. Triggered by snippets of Somnium tech, Gillian uses her skills as a lucid dreamer to fight the monsters invading her sleep. But as the nightmares increase in frequency and strength, she’s grown tired of living in fear and lingers on the brink of suicide.

When an accident traps her in the dream reality, she is forced to rely on Somnium MCL Nathan Keller, a nightmare warrior who can jump into her dreams, and Operator Dex Cooper to navigate the horrors of her mind long enough to stay alive. But tonight, Gillian’s worst fear will rise from the depths of her memory — and she must find a way to survive before terror destroys her body and unleashes a horror much more dangerous from her mind.

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