Experience a blend of fast-paced science fiction and gruesome horror in the haunting realms of Fairlight by Adrian Chamberlin.

The eternal struggle between light and dark takes a savage new direction: the battlefield is a dilapidated English seaside town and the weapons wielded are humanity’s own children. This new battle for the survival of humanity uncovers monstrous creatures of darkness, deceptive beings of light, and a dimension that can only be accessed by extreme acts of self-harm.

Two unwitting adults are drawn into the war. Tony Collins, a widowed man haunted by past traumas who seeks to rescue his daughter, and Karen Tyndall, a troubled schoolteacher wrestling with her ideals in a deprived teaching environment. Both find themselves fighting a sinister alien invasion where humanity’s children are exploited to unleash terror and devastation.

Rachel Collins and Antoinette Penner, the teenage protagonists, forge an uneasy alliance in the disturbing prison they find themselves in, crafting a shield not just against the alien entities but the sinister and all too human forces that aid the invaders.

Over a tense three-day timeline, the journeys of these four become a disturbing yet poignant exploration of self, highlighting trials, horrors, and the boundless love between a father and daughter, leading to the ultimate in self-sacrifice for humanity’s salvation.

Not merely a tale of otherworldly terror, Fairlight is a voyage through a unique Hell, drawing inspiration from the legend of Orpheus and Eurydice, revisited and revamped for the 21st century. A relentless exploration of the more noble aspects of humanity, interwoven with brutal and otherworldly elements, promising a fresh spin on cosmic horror with truly unique monsters that not even Lovecraft would dare to have dreamt of.

Witness the multi-faceted struggle between duty and humane urges, between noble ideals and harsh realities, between blinding light and unseen darkness, in this extraordinary blend of horror and science fiction.

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