Before diving into the theme for the upcoming Shallow Waters flash contest (will share in an hour or so), I am thrilled to unveil a riveting project for a Halloween 2024 launch.

Historically, the winning tale from Crystal Lake’s Shallow Waters contests found their homes within a Shallow Waters eBook, culminating in our grand paperback release last week. However, that series has beautifully concluded with 11 eBooks and one paperback.

So what’s next? Enter the realm of HOTEL MACABRE! This series will not only showcase the 1st place flash winner but will also open its doors to the 2nd and 3rd place maestros. Additionally, it will house enchanting poetry and short stories from a select cohort of invited authors. Transcending the conventional 20k word eBook anthologies like Shallow Waters, these will be monumental releases available in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover formats—with the possibility of audio.

Who will grace the halls of HOTEL MACABRE? My role as a publisher is to scout and nurture talent, and those are exactly the authors who will receive the coveted invitations (and yes, compensation will be paid to the authors). Whether you’re a Crystal Lake Patreon patron, an established author, or just beginning to explore the boundless realms of writing, continue to weave your tales and create ripples in the literary world. Make us notice you!

So keep writing, keep inspiring, and stay tuned for more details on this series.