Coming this Halloween (October 4th, to be exact): Bestiary of Blood: Modern Fables & Dark Tales, an anthology edited by Jamal Hodge

From the editor: “Starting as a singular collection, Bestiary of Blood evolved into something greater, larger, more diverse, and wild- like the Veldt itself.

An anthology reflecting the insights and wisdom of Aesop’s Fables mixed with the contemporary horrors of Silence of the Lambs.

It is a new vision of new wisdom, for a new world, from some of the most entertaining voices in modern horror.

I am Honored for all these incredible writers who believed in this unique vision, for what turned out to be a creation I’m so proud to share with the world of readers.“

This anthology includes short stories and poems:

Nature’s Song – Jamal Hodge
The Fable of the Lion – Jamal Hodge
First Principles of Reverse Morphology – Oz Hardwick
A Cold Midnight – Tim Waggoner
Best Mother Ever – Edward Martin III
You Swallowed Your Tongue – Geneve Flynn
Grace – Alessandro Manzetti
The Speed of Healing – Michael Bailey
Cypress Whispers – Lee Murray
The Fable of a Monkey’s Heart – Eugen Bacon
The Dispute of Crawler & Creeper – Marge Simon
The Hyena and the Rhino – Rob Cameron
#Ganggang – Rob Cameron
Eye of Mirrors – Patrick Thompson
Ganesha’s Child – Marge Simon
Name Your Poison – John Skipp
The Fable of the Honest Parrot – Jamal Hodge
Happy Feet – Dominque Hecq
At the Foot of Jones Mountain – Cindy O’Quinn
The Epiphany of Dogs – Jamal Hodge
The Revelation of Dogs – Edward Martin III
The Fable of the Cat – Christina Sng
Swimming in the Aftertaste – Cindy O’Quinn & Wayne Fenlon
Fool’s Gold – Kumbali Satori
The Lord of Rats and Eke of Mice – Dominque Hecq
Kingdom Fungi – EV Knight
Mycelium Threads – Sara Tantalinger
Appetitus Aeternus – Jeffrey Howe
Infinity Pool – Cynthia Pelayo
To Tether an Owl – Sara Tantalinger
Battle of the Sexless – Colleen Anderson
The Cull – Melanie Stormm
Melissa – Akua Lezli Hope
Vole – Jamie Flanagan
Wet-Ass Piscine – Travis Heermann
Ugly Duckling – Jamal Hodge
The Same Damn Pig – Wrath James White
Mummy Dearest – Steven Barnes
Anthill – Lisa Morton
Turbellaria: The City of Worms – Maxwell Ian Gold
An Anthem for the Worms – Maxwell I. Gold
Snuggles For Felix – Steven Van Patten
And Yet We Fly – L. H. Moore
Scent Deposits from an Ebony Lion – Eugen Bacon
A Lonely Death – Kareem Hayes
The Old Wolf & the Farm – Jamal Hodge
The Tale of the Twin Stars, Born of Earth & Sea – Linda D Addison
Rat City – Wrath James White
The Half-Life of Cephalopods – Oz Hardwick
Lessons for a Burning World – Angela Yuriko Smith
Something In There – Alessandro Manzetti
The Fable of Zayyid’a and His Den – Eugen Bacon
The Large Reckoning – Linda D. Addison
The Devil’s Blood – Nzondi
The Fable of the Tardigrade – Colleen Anderson
Whales – Christina Sng

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