Please welcome Jamal Hodge to Crystal Lake Publishing. His The Dark Between the Twilight poetry collection will be published next year.

From Jamal: I wanted to publish my first poetry collection with Crystal Lake Publishing nearly three years ago at the start of the Pandemic when it was just the fragment of a dream, and now to my joyful dismay that possibility has become a reality. Joe Mynhardt and the team at Crystal Lake do such great work in the genre of horror and are rabid cheerleaders and guides for their writers. I feel honored to find my work in their capable hands. But also that means that the most personal thing I’ve ever written might soon be in yours.

The Dark Between the Twilight is the personal testament of my blood, bone, and spirit. It is a horror and hope experience bled from the darkest reaches of depression and personal and societal abuse… silhouetted by bright revelations found on the other side of healing. I want it to speak to my fellow twilight walkers, always in-between, neither lost nor found. The bridge builders who never quite belong.

Each of this collection’s 51 poems have been carefully crafted to elicit a feeling, a question, and a revelation. All while inviting the reader to carry compassion for not only others but themselves.

My hope is that by laying my soul bare, you will see that the things that are the most personal are the most universal. And that this collection will pull those lost to sadness out of the darkness and into the light.

About the author:
Jamal James Hodge is a Native New Yorker who grew up surrounded by the perils of poverty, the diversity of multiple overlapping cultures, and the harmonious circus of 6 siblings. He is a multi-award-winning film director whose one obsession is exploring the great ‘Why?’ inside each of us.

Jamal loves the broken things that want to be understood, and the secret things that never bothered to hide. With his writing he hopes to uncover the paradox between suffering and meaning, to use darkness to show light.

When he’s not writing or filming, Jamal Hodge is traveling to odd locales, volunteering at some community organization, or in the gym working out to a near-death experience.

He fancies himself a pretty cool guy.

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