Here are host Jonathan Gensler’s flash fiction finalists, and the order in which the stories will be posted on our Patreon page, starting tomorrow (July 3rd):
“Pete and Repeat” by Salvantonio Clemente
“Punching In” by Rebecca Cuthbert
“A Bladder Full” by Amanda Blake
“On the Square” by Pixie Bruner
“Worm Holes” by Paul Feeney
“Prey” by Taylor Grant
“The Flea Market Sword” by Craig Sawyer
“Night Coach” by Jeff Provine
“Note To Sanderson, Part II” by Kyle Toucher
“Negative Capability” by Amanda Symes
“The Longest Day” by Mia Dalia
“Erasure” by G.G. Silverman
“In Through the Out Door” by Gregg Stewart
“Time Waits for No Man” by Stephen Howard
“Dear Janice” by Francesca Maria
“Happily Ever Now” by Alyssa Waugh
“Homecoming” by Hannah Brown
“Overtime and Stasis” by Wofford Lee Jones
“Bar Crawl” by Robert Hanover
“Suspension” by Brandon Wills

Congrats to these authors, and best of luck. For those who missed out, the new theme will be announced tomorrow, with subs closing at the end of July.

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