Author Chaz Williams won last month’s contest, and taken up the challenge to host this month. Here’s his theme:
“It’s gonna be a wet, hot summer this year. Which means kids and counselors alike are out to have fun at camp, unaware of the horrors that lurk in the shadows of the forest. Has a sadistic couple stumbled upon a new camp that’s just opened? Is there a supernatural being ready to claim its pound of flesh? Or maybe it’s a curse on the grounds of the camp that will rain havoc down on all those who stand upon it. Let your imagination run wild so we never want to see a summer camp again!”

Before we get to the submission guidelines, please know that only the top 15 to 20 stories will be posted on our Patreon page for our patrons to vote on. The winner will receive $0.03 per word, publication in an upcoming Hotel Macabre anthology, and an Author Spotlight on our newsletter and Patreon page. The second-place winner will receive $0.02 a word, and the third place winner $0.01 per word. The winner will also have the option of hosting the following month’s contest for an additional $50.

Submission guidelines!