Here are the 21 Christmas flash finalists, and the order in which the stories will be posted on the Crystal Lake Publishing Patreon page:
“Other People’s Faces” by Stuart Olver
“Snow Job” by Mike Murphy
“Separation” by Mel Layos
“The Confession” by David M. Simon
“Flexible Leftovers” by Sunni Ellis
“Some Items are Display Only” by Sarah Jane Justice
“The Naughty List” by Gregg Stewart
“Julaften Heks” by Anthony D Redden
“Red Christmas” by Taylor Grant
“Christmas Cheer by Wofford Lee Jones
“He Sees You When You’re Sleeping” by Alyssa Waugh
“Sooty Pete” by Paul Lonardo
“The Crimson Tradition” by J. Brian Reed
“Christmas Wish” by Karen Bayly
“The Naughty List” by Tom Deady
“Old Lady Tannenbaum” by L.Pine
“The Santadvent Killer” by Larry Hinkle
“Unholy Night” by Francesca Maria
“Friday, December 21, 1984” by Kyle Toucher
“Elves vs Gnomes” by Sheri White
“Hang Your Stockings and Say Your Prayers” by A.K. McCarthy

The stories will be posted one per day, and we’ll open for votes once all the stories have been posted. Only our $5 or higher tier patrons will have access to these stories. Join today!