Here are the 22 finalists, and the order in which the stories will be posted, starting tomorrow (Tuesday, June 6th), on the Crystal Lake Publishing Patreon page:
“The Birdcage” by Michael Lawrence
“Chipping Away” by A.M. Symes
“War Paint” by John Claude Smith
“Perfectly, Wonderfully, Beautifully Red” by Samantha Fisher
“Last Dance in Manchester” by Stephen Howard
“Scrumpty Dumpty” by Phillip E. Dixon
“The Red Screech” by Kurt Newton
“Deepdelver’s Lament” by Matthew J. Hockey
“Year of the Wolf” by Heinrich von Wolfcastle
“The Graft” by Gregg Stewart
“Dredged” by Hannah Brown
“In Lieu of Flowers” by Pixie J. Bruner
“The Launch” by Jonathan Gensler
“Mr. Tasty Crinkle” by Craig E. Sawyer
“Reddest” by Mia Dalia
“Seeing Red” by Warren Benedetto
“Intrepido” by Dan Myers
“Red-Brown Halo” by Moh Afdhaal
“Red” by Conda V. Douglas
“Galatea” by Elvira Fox
“The Beauty of Red” by Marcelo Mendone
“Eve’s Temptation” by Alyssa Waugh

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