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In their first comic book adventure, Mr. Church sends Ledger and Violin on a a case involving a bizarre kind of human trafficking. People—mostly young and innocent—are being found dead all across the U.S. Drained of blood but also missing key internal organs—brains and hearts. Their bodies are marked with strange symbols from ancient religions and the deaths have all the earmarks of some deadly kind of human sacrifice.

But there is much more to it than that. Some of the sacrificed dead have since vanished from morgues and funeral homes. Staff at those places are found torn to pieces…and their organs are missing, too.

Ledger and Violin have to go deep into the darkness to find out what’s happening and who is behind this…and every step of the way ratchets up the danger and the terror.

As they peel back layers of the mystery, they encounter a bizarre kind of super soldier—human combat soldiers (private military contractors) whose bodies have been taken over by demons raised through human sacrifice. These demons feed on human hearts, taking sustenance from the souls of the victims. They feed on brains to take knowledge and personality traits. This allows them to blend into society without being easily detected.

Violin, not being entirely human, can track them because they lack actual souls, and their body temperature is lower than the living.

Finding them is one thing, but stopping them is a hell of a lot harder. They have all of the skills of seasoned combat soldiers and the durability of demons. Joe and Violin have to find a way to destroy the monsters before they can be used as foot soldiers in a wave of terrorist attacks throughout America. Joe Ledger will have to unchain the darkness in his own heart and mind as he goes to war under a black flag.

With art by Dave Acosta (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, TERRORWAR), colors by Zac Atkinson (Young Justice, Kolchak: The Night Stalker), and covers by Colton Worley (The Shadow).