Congrats to the authors listed below, whose stories are moving to the voting round on the Crystal Lake Patreon page.

Here are S.C. Fisher’s finalists, and the order in which the stories will be posted, starting tomorrow, April 5th:
“And Still I Fly” by Em Starr
“Butterflies” by Chrissy Winters
“Skin Deep” by Michael Lawrence
“The Evidence in the Case” by Mia Dalia
“The Meal” by Jon Martin
“You Think Your Job Sucks” by Tom Guldin
“Eye Spy” by Amanda M. Blake
“Smile” by Robin Brown
“Employee of the Month” by Stephen Howard
“Hell Doesn’t Hurt” by Carl R. Moore
“Not Today” by Robert Hanover
“King Jeremy the Wicked Ruled His World” by Chris Phelon
“10 Things You Need to Know About Demons” by Philip Harris
“Technomancy” by Gregg Stewart
“B. A. R. T.” by Francesca Maria

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