Relics from the Underworld by Richard Alan Scott


When the remnants of a dark history resurface, the present becomes a battleground for power, manipulation, and destiny. Three seemingly unconnected lives are ensnared by artifacts linked to the enigmatic death of the Russian sorcerer, Grigori Rasputin, and the echoes of his malevolent past reverberate through their realities.

In the bustling heart of Manhattan, Tatiana, a once-reserved advertising executive, stumbles upon a relic that grants her unprecedented influence over her surroundings. As she delves deeper into its power, office politics take a sinister turn, and the lines between ambition and malevolence blur.

At Saint Stanislaus, Father Brett Elysian’s charismatic presence is marred by mysteries. His sudden transfer from a remote parish and a series of inexplicable events leave Pastor John McCaffrey grappling with unease. What secrets does the young priest harbor, and how are they connected to the relics of a bygone era?

Meanwhile, in the quiet corners of his home, the grieving Hank Stanton pens heartfelt letters to his late wife. But the discovery of an ancient Russian dagger in his attic plunges him into a whirlwind of haunting dreams and a rendezvous with fate. As his path intertwines with Tatiana and Father Brett, the trio finds themselves at the epicenter of a legacy steeped in darkness.

In this gripping tale, the past isn’t just alive—it’s hungry. Dive into a narrative where history’s shadows threaten to reshape the future, and destiny is forged in the fires of the underworld.