Poe & I by Matthew Mercier (July 19th)

Jonah Peabody takes a job as caretaker and head docent for a historical house in The Bronx that once served as the last home for Edgar Allan Poe, a job that requires him to live on the premises so he can give tours on the weekend. To be more precise, he must live in the basement of Poe’s home—Poe’s Basement.

This is a story that’s wild, funny, irreverent, terrifying, and soaked in melancholy, a tale of family darkness, sickness, revenge, and weird museums of unholy treasures.

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“Years ago, Matthew was the caretaker at the Poe Cottage in the Bronx and gave me a memorable tour, patiently answering my rambling questions. Now, in Poe and I, Matthew writes the novel that only he can, bringing us into the world of a fictional Poe Cottage caretaker who takes a stunning, jolting, absurd journey of self-discovery while immersing us in Poe lore. A unique and captivating tale worthy of the legacy of Poe.”Matthew Pearl, Author of The Taking of Jemima Boone & The Poe Shadow

“Drawing on his years as the caretaker and head docent at the Poe Cottage in The Bronx, Matthew Mercier has crafted a wonderfully engaging and remarkably clever psychological thriller with an ingeniously Poe-ish fictional narrator who just happens to be, well, the caretaker at the Poe Cottage in The Bronx. You don’t need to be a Poe fan to be caught up in this marvelous magical mystical tour, but, to be sure, the more you know about Poe and his works, the more you’ll appreciate and applaud how inventively and slyly Mercier constructs his dark storytelling web.”Mark Dawidziak, author of A Mystery of Mysteries, The Death and Life of Edgar Allan Poe