In this spine-tingling thriller, a childhood Halloween prank gone wrong resurfaces decades later, plunging a group of friends into a nightmarish struggle against a mysterious and malevolent figure from their past.

London, 1988: On a brisk Halloween night, a group of twelve-year-old friends embarks on a quest for the ultimate trick-or-treat adventure in the heart of London. But their night of sweet aspirations turns sinister with the eerie jingle of an ice cream truck – out of place in the chill of autumn. As they encounter the decrepit vehicle, shrouded in mystery and helmed by a shadowy figure, an unsettling chill runs deeper than the cold night air. Their innocent Halloween escapade becomes a haunting memory when one of their own vanishes without a trace.

October, 2016: Fast forward to a Halloween tinged with the ghosts of the past. Tom Craven, now an adult, cannot escape the harrowing memories of that fateful night. Plagued by disturbing visions, he is drawn back to the scene of their childhood terror. As the holiday looms closer, Tom discovers he’s not alone in his torment. His childhood friends are already there, bracing for a confrontation that could end in tragedy. The sinister Ice Cream Man has returned, and his chilling agenda targets those who once eluded his grasp.

Dive into¬†The October Boys, where past and present collide in a gripping tale of suspense and survival. Will they overcome the shadows of their past, or will the Ice Cream Man’s sinister intentions prevail? Experience the thrilling journey as they confront their darkest fears in this unforgettable Halloween tale.

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